hiking 150 mountains, for Canada's 150th

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Hiking Mountain number 97. So far, I have hiked 16 Mountains in Yukon, 9 in British Columbia, 72 in Alberta

My name is Zabi, and this is my journey. I have decided to hike 150 mountains this year to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, and it is my love for hiking mountains, traveling, learning, and helping people that has encouraged and supported my journey thus far. This birthday, to a lot of Canadians, myself, as a proud citizen, included, is much more than the turning of a clock, but a monumental occasion that we are here to witness. To recognize this historic moment, I found myself searching for something that I could do that would mark the occasion as well as help my nation in some way. And then, aha…it hit me. I will hike 150 Canadian mountains within the year to celebrate Canada’s birthday, along the way creating a social media movement, as well as initiating the 150 Mountains Charity Foundation where all proceeds will be donated to 150 of my favorite local charities. Each mountain will be photographed and documented on the blog and social media. Updates on this journey can be found on : www.facebook.com/150mountains www.instagram.com/150mountains in addition to www.150mountains.ca . Together we can make a mark on our past, influence our present, and impact our future! By helping people in need, we are creating a better world to live in! Monetary donations are not expected, but appreciated. Other options for donation include donating your time in the form of volunteering or promoting the 150 Mountains movement! No matter how small, it creates a world of difference. Let’s make history together!

Join me and together we can make history!

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